The Contour Light – Body Sculpting Systems

The latest advancement in low level light technology.
Delivering LED-based energy in the 635nm and 880nm wavelength.

Body Contouring with Non-Invasive Light Therapy

The Contour Light is the latest advancement in light emitting diode (LED) technology and is exceptionally effective on all body areas due to its unique pad design. The large, soft and flexible pads will contour to the shape of the human body, allowing the light source to be as close as possible to the skin; the optimum way to deliver photonic energy. The wavelengths of 635nm and 880nm light are emitted by the pads of The Contour Light system, combining the beneficial aspects of both frequencies to attain optimal results.

The Contour Light incorporates a reflective surface which traps and redirects light energy back into the tissue. Because the reflective coating is only available on The Contour Light, there is no other LED-based system available on the market that delivers and retains more mid-600nm and infrared light energy.

LED-Based Technology – Redefined

Research in light therapy has been conducted for decades, starting with NASA experimentation in the 1980’s, culminating with the aesthetic and orthopedic industries of today. Following the recent discovery of how 635nm (mid-600nm) and 880nm (infrared) light interacts with various cells, this new technology has created an explosion in the already growing light-therapy marketplace.

Fat Loss with LED Therapy

Low level light therapy has evolved into one of the highest in-demand treatments caused by an increased public awareness of many non-surgical, non-invasive options made available by this new and growing technology.

Non-invasive, LED-based light therapy is currently the highest in-demand treatment

The superior design features of The Contour Light system provide

In the 1980’s, NASA conducted multiple studies in space, resulting in the discovery

Most patients desire treatments that are non-invasive and do not create downtime